New base layers and equations implemented September 18, 2020

The Pennsylvania Water Science Center (PA WSC) has developed new regional regression equations (Roland, M.A., and Stuckey, M.H., 2019) for estimating floods flows and these equations are now available in the StreamStats application. In addition to developing new flood flow regressions, the PA WSC also has refreshed the underlying StreamStats application datasets using improved National Hydrography Dataset flowlines (NHD) and improved Watershed Boundary Dataset boundaries (WBD) which will result in more accurate basin delineations, basin characteristics computations, improved regression equations and improved estimates of streamflow at ungaged locations. General information about the Pennsylvania StreamStats application, computed streamgage statistics, and methods for estimating streamflow statistics at ungaged locations can be at the through the information icon in StreamStats as well as the direct links for Application page and Application Information page.