Functionality available in version 2:

Maryland Biological Stream Survey Data-Collection Sites can be displayed on the user interface by checking the box to the left of the layer labeled as Bio_Sampling in the Map Contents panel. Information for the sites can be obtained either by clicking on the Identify tool button and then on a site location, or by use of the stream-network navigation tools, as explained in the User Instructions. Information provided by the Identify tool appears in a tabular format, and includes the URL for the site in the on-line MBSS database that is operated by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). Definitions of the attributes presented for the sites and descriptions of data-collection methods are provided in a report by the MDNR, which can be accessed at Use of the network-navigation tools allows the discovery of all MBSS sites upstream or downstream from a user-selected point. Users will receive a table of the discovered sites, with links to the on-line database pages for each site. Note that the network navigation capability was provided by use of a blind snap of the latitudes and longitudes for the sites from the MBSS database to the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) stream network. As the snapped locations have not been quality assured, it is possible that some MBSS sites are located incorrectly on the stream network.

Before one of the network tracing tools (Ad Hoc Trace or Trace from Outlet) can be used to discover the MBSS sites, the Configure Network Trace tool must be used to set up how the tracing will be done. After clicking on the button for the tool, in the scroll-down list labeled Network, change the selected network from NHDPlus_NET to HYDRO_NET, which is the high-resolution NHD (1:24,000 scale). In the Trace scroll-down list, choose whether to trace upstream or downstream, and then select the layers to participate in the trace from the list below. The Bio_Sampling layer must be selected to participate in the trace if information on the MBSS sites is desired.