October 1, 2018

Happy New Water Year! There are several exciting projects and new implementations on the horizon for StreamStats. In St. Louis County, Missouri, a new application of StreamStats is being implemented which allows for delineations to incorporate mapped storm drains. A beta version of this application is expected to be available within the month. Wyoming, Puerto Rico, West Virginia, and the Elkhorn River basin in Nebraska are currently being processed and prepared for StreamStats. Timelines for these new applications vary based on the type of implementation and data being used; however, the local Water Science Centers (of the USGS) and cooperators are working on these implementations. 

StreamStats has recently implemented updated regression equations for Washington and Pennsylvania with further information about those equations below.  

Equations for estimating the magnitude and frequency of floods in Washington were published and implemented in StreamStats. The regression equations, which were developed using long-term, unregulated, and non-urbanized streamgages within Washington and bordering areas of Idaho and Oregon, can be used to estimate annual exceedance probability statistics at ungaged basins in four regions of Washington. https://doi.org/10.3133/sir20165118.

Pennsylvania bankfull equations were developed by using simple linear regressions that relate bankfull discharge and channel geometry to drainage area (regional curves).  New estimates of bankfull discharge and channel dimensions at streamgages and updated drainage areas from StreamStats were incorporated into previously developed regional curves (Chaplin, 2005) to produce an updated set of regression relations of bankfull discharge and channel geometry for the non-carbonate and carbonate settings of Pennsylvania.  https://doi.org/10.3133/sir20185066.