StreamStats Version 4 now (as of February 20, 2018) includes basic network navigation tools. These tools, which use the NHDPlus V2 data for navigation, currently allow users to perform three basic operations. The Flow Path (aka Raindrop) allows a user to select any point on the map and the path will be traced from the hill slope to the stream network and downstream along the stream network until the network ends or until the predefined distance is exceeded.  The Network Path allows a user to select any two points along the network and the tool will trace both points downstream until a common streamline is found.  If no common streamline is found, both points will follow the network until the network ends.  The Network Trace allows a user to trace upstream or downstream along the network and find network linked data such as streamgages or flowlines.The Network Navigation tools will be further developed to incorporate additional data and navigation options as resources allow. The Network Navigation tools will be used to develop additional tools which will allow user to transfer streamflow statistics to a nearby location on the same stream using drainage area ratios.