The Help, About, and Report links are to the right side of the black banner above the map, which also contains the USGS logo.


Clicking on the Help link will result in a window popping up over the user interface. This window has four tabs at the top; Users’ Manual, Frequently Asked Questions, Troubleshooting, and Submit a Support Request. Initially, the Users’ Manual tab is on top. The Users’ Manual, which is essentially this document, provides a description of the user interface and instructions on how to use it. Links are provided on this tab to the major sections of the users’ manual. The Frequently Asked Questions tab provides a list of questions previously submitted by users and their answers. The Troubleshooting tab provides instructions on things to try if problems with getting StreamStats to work are experienced. The Submit a Support Request tab provides a form for use in submitting requests for assistance or comments to the StreamStats development team.  The team will respond to your submittals by email.


Clicking on the About link will result in a window popping up over the user interface, which has five tabs at the top: About the project, State/Regional Info, Outputs, Limitations, and News.  The About the project tab appears on top by default, and provides a brief description of the StreamStats application, similar to the information on the StreamStats home page.

The State/Regional Info tab remains blank until a state or river basin has been selected in the sidebar, which cannot be done until the map is zoomed into zoom level 8, or greater. Once a selection is made, the State/Regional Info tab identifies the streamflow statistics that can be estimated by StreamStats for user-selected ungaged sites in the selected area, and it provides citations to the reports that describe the methods used to determine the estimates. The citations contain embedded hyperlinks to online versions of the reports. This page also provides a link to a page of general information about the geospatial data used to implement the area, as well as any information that is specific to using StreamStats for the area, and acknowledgements of the other agencies that cooperated with the USGS to implement the area in StreamStats. The State/Regional Info tab for Utah is shown below.


The Report link is used to generate a report that contains the outputs from whatever processes the user has completed thus far using the tools in the sidebar, which may include a basin delineation, computed basin characteristics, estimated flow statistics, or outputs from any special tools that are available for the state in which the selected site is located. The report output provides buttons that allow (1) printing the report, (2) saving the basin boundary as a shapefile or a geodatabase, with any computed basin characteristics and estimated flow statistics included as attributes, and (3) saving the report as a comma-delineated file (.csv), which can be imported into various other programs.