A StreamStats application was released for the Delaware River Basin (DRB) on March 24, 2016. This application provides the ability to delineate drainage basins and compute basin characteristics, but it does not provide estimates of streamflow statistics for user-selected ungaged sites. This application also provides summaries of water use for user-selected ungaged sites. Water-use information consists of graphs and tables that indicate total water use, including surface-water and groundwater withdrawals and return flows yearly and by month. Withdrawals also are reported by type, such as public supply and thermoelectric.

Reports that document the DRB application are cited on the introductory page at http://water.usgs.gov/osw/streamstats/delaware_rb.html; however, the reports are still in press, so links to them are not yet provided. 

The primary purpose for development of the DRB application was to provide information that is needed by the Delaware River Basin Streamflow Estimator Tool (DRB-SET), which provides water-use adjusted daily flow estimates for user-selected ungaged cites. A citation for this tool is provided on DRB introductory page. A link to the DRB-SET tool will be provided after the report is released to the public.