Beta version 4 of StreamStats was released to the public on March 24, 2016. This new version features an entirely new user interface that is easier to use than previous versions. In addition to the functionality that was available in version 3, beta version 4 adds the ability to edit a delineated basin, modify the computed basin characteristics and re-solve the regression equations to obtain revised estimates of streamflow statistics, measure distances between user-selected points on the map, and obtain elevation profiles between user-selected points along the stream channel on the map.  In addition, StreamStats outputs for user-selected sites now include text boxes for naming the output and adding comments, as well as a map of the delineated basin, which can be re-sized. Users can print the outputs or save them to a shapefile, a file geodatabase, or a .csv file.

Work is still underway to restore several tools that rely on stream-network navigation functionality, which were lost in the transition from version 2 to version 3. Version 2 had to be shut off before re-programming of the network-navigation tools was complete because version 2 ran on obsolete servers that were considered a security threat. The network-navigation tools will be made available in beta version 4 as coding is completed on them, with a goal of having them all completed by September 2016.