StreamStats in Rainy River Basin

The StreamStats application for the Rainy River Basin (RRB) represents the first extension of StreamStats internationally. The RRB is approximately half in Canada and half in the U.S, and includes area in the Canadian Provinces of Ontario and Manitoba, as well as in the U.S. State of Minnesota. Currently, users are only able to delineate basin boundaries, compute basin characteristics, and download shapefiles of the boundaries and basin characteristics for user-selected sites. A study is ongoing to develop equations for estimating peak-flow frequencies within the RRB, and it is planned to include those equations to this application when the study is completed. Basin characteristics that currently can be computed include:

  • Drainage area, in square miles;
  • Mean annual precipitation, in inches;
  • Mean annual temperature, degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Mean annual runoff, in inches;
  • Percentage of area of storage (lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and wetlands)
  • Percentage of area of wetlands
  • Stream slope, in feet per mile

Click on this link to obtain general information on the Rainy River Basin application, as well as specific sources and computation methods for basin characteristics.

NOTE: StreamStats displays USGS topographic maps as the default base layer on the digital map. As a result, when zoomed into areas in Canada, a base layer will not automatically appear. In the Map Layers frame to the left of the map, users can choose to display either the World Topo or the Canadian Topo layer as the base map in these situations.

RRB StreamStats was developed in cooperation with the International Joint Commission, which regulates Canada/U.S. shared water uses and investigates transboundary issues and recommends solutions.

Link to the International Joint Commission