General Information

Project area general description

Cook Inlet Basin, Alaska

Are any areas excluded?

The mainstems of Bradley River, Battle Creek, Cooper Creek, and Eklutna River, where affected by regulation.

Types of flow statistics available

Peak flows

ArcGIS version used for processing

9.3.1, 10.1, 10.2

Was TopoGrid used to process DEMs?


DEM and derivatives projection (general description)

Alaska Albers Equal Area Conic, horizontal datum NAD83, vertical datum NAVD 88; central meridian -154.00

DEM and derivatives (fdr, fac, etc.) resolution

30 m

DEM source

60-m USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED) (; Gesch and others, 2009), resampled to 30 m for the National Water Quality Assessment Program for the Cook Inlet Basin (Brabets and others, 1999)

Hydrography source

NHD, 1:63,360 scale (

Hydrologic unit "walls" source


Gage basin boundaries source

WBD and ASC digitized gage basin boundaries

Interactive map snapping tolerance

3 cells

Basin characteristics computed using continuous parameter grids (CPGs)



Basin Characteristics Methods and Sources



Computation method

Data Source

Variable label in report


Area that drains to a point on a stream, in square miles

polygon area

delineated watershed



Mean annual precipitation, in inches

area-weighted mean

1971-2000 PRISM data for Alaska (Gibson (2009), available from; Spatial Climate Analysis Service at Oregon State University (2002))


The Alaska (Cook Inlet Basin) StreamStats introductory page here has additional information regarding the application, including links to reports, cooperators, and other explanatory information.