StreamStats in Rhode Island

StreamStats for Rhode Island can be used to estimate the magnitude of floods at the 20-, 10-, 2-, 1-, 0.5- and 0.2-percent annual exceedance probability (also referred to as the 5-, 10-, 50-, 100-, 200- and 500-year recurrence interval floods, respectively), and also to estimate the 99-, 98-, 95-, 90-, 85-, 80-, 75-, 70-, 60-, 50-, 40-, 30-, 25-, 20-, 15-, 10-, 5-, 2-, and 1-percent flow durations and the 7Q2 (7-day, 2-year) and 7Q10 (7-day, 10-year) low-flow-frequency statistics. The reports below presents the equations used to estimate the flow statistics, describe the errors associated with the estimates, and describe the methods used to develop the equations and to measure the basin characteristics used in the equations. Estimates produced by the equations are based on the assumption of natural flow conditions at the user-selected sites. Users should familiarize themselves with the reports before using StreamStats to obtain estimates of streamflow statistics for ungaged sites.

Click on this link to obtain general information on the Rhode Island application, as well as specific sources and computation methods for basin characteristics. 

StreamStats for Rhode Island was developed in cooperation with the Rhode Island Water Resources Board and the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Link to State of Rhode Island Water Resources BoardLink to Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency